9 Ideas To Deepen Your Existing Bathtub Today

by Jennifer Sergent
Bathtub Depth Extender

You probably have a bathtub in your house that is not ideal for relaxing or getting in and out of. Whether a small tub or something larger, it is possible to make an existing tub deeper on a budget. 

This article explains how you can do that and get the look you want with the space you have. 

Types Of Baths

Before we get into details, here’s a quick refresher on the types of baths: 

  • Fixed: 

These baths don’t have removable parts, making them more difficult to install. They also tend to be pricier than other types of baths. 

  • Walk-in: 

These are bathrooms with doors that open up from the inside so people can walk right through them to access the tub instead of entering another room

  • Tiled: 

These are baths with tile on the wall instead of sheetrock, making them look cleaner and newer than sheetrock-only baths.

Bathtub Depth Extender

Bathtub Depth Extender

Consider using a bathtub depth extender if you’re looking for a deeper bathtub without having to remodel your bathroom. The depth extender is compatible with all existing bathtubs and requires no drilling or modifications. Instead, simply attach it to the drain and enjoy a deeper, more relaxing soak.

Below simple solution adds inches of water depth, making it easier to soak in a comfortable position. 

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If you love taking long and luxurious baths, this product is for you!

The Bathtub Overflow Drain Cover is a one-of-a-kind technology built into plumbing that allows you to add a couple of inches of water to your bathtub without creating any spills or leaks. This innovative design gives you the ultimate bathing experience.

What’s more, the Bath Tub Overflow Drain Cover has a perfect size that fits most drain sizes. It’s easy to use; place it over your bathtub’s overflow drain and press down firmly to create an airtight seal. Once installed, pour water into your tub as usual and watch as the water level rises.

This little gadget not only allows you to soak in a deeper bath, but it’s also practical, easy to use, and built to last.


Small Bathtub depth extender gadget showing how it adds couple of inches to water level

Purchase Waterproof Sugru Moldable Glue

Another way to deepen your bathtub is to purchase waterproof Sugru Moldable Glue to overflow the drain hole. Sugru’s greatest thing is that it is waterproof, and you can handle it for long usage.

This glue is just like any other kind, super simple to apply, and has a stronghold. Arrange the glue into the overflow drain hole, allowing it to stand for 24 hours and secure fine details.

Feel free to combine colours to create a unique design—generally a more stable solution.

Removing the readily moldable glue will likely not take a few minutes; it will be an elaborate process. Consequently, use the Sugru only if you will not need the blockage shower anytime soon.


Waterproof Sugru Moldable Glue - can be used to combine broken things, close leaky taps, leaky pipelines, to increase bathtub depth, mug extention, etc



Set up the drain cover plate.

To create a more thorough soak, you need to add things over your overflow drain. A drain Cover Plate is easily available at hardware stores and barely needs mechanical abilities to install. This solution is permanent, but you can uninstall its plates by the same method.

Like Sugru liquid moldable glue, this solution leaves you without an overflow drain, so check the water level on your fixture.

The primary difficulty in placing your drain cover is discovering the correct size for your drain. The drain cover above will provide all the necessary hardware to install, including just two Phillips head screws.

Know the dimensions, and decide whether to put in a drain cover plate. If you’re not sure, go ahead and make one. Measurements will also help you save yourself a headache and several trips to the hardware store.


Bathtub Depth Extender

Set up SlipX Solutions

Set up SlipX Solutions Bottomless Bath Overflow Drain Cover.

To make an existing bathtub deeper on a budget, you can use the SlipX under-mounting system. SlipX is a solution that allows you to install your tub in approximately half the time and costs less than other types of bathtubs. In addition, this drain cover has a lifetime warranty and comes in various colors such as black, blue, light blue, pink, and white.

Additionally, this bathtub is easy to remove so that you can replace your old one quickly and easily. 

It’s also a great way to improve your bathing experience, especially if you have a drain that needs to be accessible for the new tub to function properly. 


Bathtub Depth Extender
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Use Caulk Strip

If your bathtub is already deep, you might wonder how to make it deeper. DIY-ers can use cardboard and caulk strip to fill the tub with water

Caulk strips are a very easy option and will efficiently create your leak seal. The caulk strip will help you make a watertight seal, and it’s simple to remove compared to alternatives such as moldable glue.

As an alternative to permanently attaching your overflow drain, bind it using adhesive or caulk strip.

If you rent an apartment, this is a great way to repair the overflow drain without too much trouble.Bathtub Depth Extender

Use an Adjustable Overflow Plate

A permanent adjustable overflow plate is a perfect way to increase the size of an existing bathtub without spending much money. All you have to do is attach this overflowing plate to your bathtub’s overflow tube. 

The overflow plate has a slider that can be adjusted to fit any tub. It’s made from polypropylene plastic so that it won’t corrode, rust, or tarnish.

This allows you to use the same overflow plate on your bathtub for years!

Make DIY Overflow Plates Using Household Item

You can make your overflow plates with some craft supplies and just a few simple household items. 

Bathtub Depth Extender
  • All you need to do is cut out the shape of the plate using cardboard or thin cardboard and then use a pencil to trace it onto some tin foil.
  • Next, remove one side of the tin foil and repeat with another piece so that you have two identical pieces, then cut them out with scissors.
  • Once you’ve finished cutting out the shapes, take two small pieces of duct tape and attach one to each side of the plate. 
  • Next, use a lighter to burn away any excess tin foil on both sides of the plates that won’t be attached to anything so that it will stick securely to your tub shower walls. 
  • Lastly, attach your overflow plates by sticking one into each corner at an angle so they won’t slip while you fill up your bathtub. 

These DIY overflow plates are easy to make but can help save you tons of money when it comes time to replace an updated bathtub! 

Install Porcelain or chrome plates.

Permanently install Porcelain or chrome plates over the overflow drain.

  • One possible solution is to establish a porcelain or chrome plate over the overflow drain, reducing the amount of water that flows into the overflow. 
  • The downside is that you’ll have to replace your overflow plated with a new one, which can be expensive. 
  • The other option is to use a matching cement board and tile adhesive. You could also use silicone caulk as an alternative. 
  • When using silicone caulk, it’s important to ensure it’s not used on any surface other than silicone because it can’t stand up to high heat and may not be meant for exterior applications. 
  • If you’re looking for something more permanent, install a cap over your overflow drain so that no water enters the tub.


Bathtub Depth Extender

Here’s If All Fails!

If All Else Fails, It’s Time For A New Tub.

The most expensive and time-consuming option is to replace the tub with a newly purchased, deep bathtub. 

The next best option is to install a new drain tile in your current tub. This option does require some DIY skills and planning, but you can do it for less than $100. If this is not an option, you can still have the deepest soaking bathtub by installing a new, deeper vanity top. 

To create a deeper soaking bathtub, start by taking measurements of your existing tub. Measure from the floor to the bottom of your existing tub, and then measure from the ground up to where you want to put the new water level. 

Once you have those two measurements, use them for how long you need the new tub’s vanity top. It should be slightly longer than your existing vanity top so that when installed, it will cover up any gaps between the bottom of your existing tub and floor. 

You’ll also need to figure out how wide your new vanity top needs to be because this will determine how deep your new bathtub will be at its widest point.

Advantages of an Immersive Bath Experience

Indulging in a deep soak has manifold benefits, especially with a bathtub depth extender. 

Firstly, it promotes relaxation by allowing the body to fully immerse in warm water, easing muscle tension and stress accumulated throughout the day. 

A deeper soak also enhances the therapeutic effects of hydrotherapy, aiding in the relief of joint pain and improving circulation. 

Additionally, the increased depth provides a more immersive experience, fostering a sense of tranquility and mindfulness, perfect for unwinding after a hectic day or as part of a self-care routine. 

Moreover, a deeper bathtub accommodates individuals of various heights, ensuring everyone can enjoy a luxurious bathing experience tailored to their comfort. 

Ultimately, the benefits of a deep soak extend beyond physical relaxation, offering a rejuvenating escape that nurtures both body and mind.

Effortless Setup: A Guide with Clear Step-by-Step Instructions

Transforming your bathing experience just got easier with installing your bathtub depth extender. 

Follow these step-by-step instructions to enhance your tub’s depth effortlessly and enjoy luxurious soaking sessions. 

Begin by gathering all the important tools and materials, ensuring you have everything at hand. 

Next, thoroughly clean and dry the surface area where the extender will be installed to ensure optimal adhesion. 

Then, carefully position the extender along the bathtub’s rim, ensuring it is level and securely placed. Use the provided adhesive or screws to affix the extender firmly in place, double-checking for any gaps or loose fittings. 

Once installed, allow sufficient time for the adhesive to set or the screws to tighten before testing the extender’s stability. 

Finally, fill your bathtub with water and relish in the newfound depth and comfort provided by your bathtub depth extender.

With these straightforward instructions, you’ll effortlessly elevate your bathing experience to new levels of relaxation and enjoyment.

Prioritize Safety: Advice and Measures for Utilizing Bathtub Depth Extenders

Safety while using bathtub depth extenders is crucial for a serene and stress-free bathing session.

Before installation, thoroughly review and comprehend the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure accurate setup.

Begin by inspecting the extender for defects or damages, ensuring it’s suitable for use. When placing the extender in the bathtub, ensure it’s securely attached and doesn’t shift during use. 

Additionally, always test the stability of the extender before sitting or leaning on it to prevent accidents. Supervision is crucial, mainly when children or the elderly use the bathtub with the extender. 

To avoid slipping, consider placing non-slip mats inside and outside the bathtub. Additionally, make it a habit to inspect the extender regularly for any indications of damage and replace it promptly if needed.

Following these tips and precautions, you can enjoy a safe and comfortable bathing experience with your bathtub depth extender.

bathtub depth extender

Guidelines for Utilizing Bathtub Depth Extenders

When considering bathtub depth extenders, taking certain precautions is essential to ensure safety and effectiveness. 

Firstly, follow the manufacturer’s instructions meticulously during installation to avoid mishaps. 

Before purchasing, measure your bathtub carefully to ensure compatibility and proper fit. 

Additionally, consider the extender’s material and durability, as it will be in constant contact with water. 

Regularly inspect the extender for any wear or damage, and promptly replace it if needed to prevent accidents. 

While using the extender, be mindful of weight limits to avoid overloading the bathtub, which could lead to structural damage or injury. 

Finally, remember that bathtub depth extenders enhance comfort and convenience but should never compromise safety. 

With these tips and precautions, you can make the most out of the bathtub depth extender experience.

Improving Your Bathing Experience with Extra Accessories

Attention to every detail is crucial for relaxation, particularly within the tranquil confines of your bathroom. One aspect of bathing comfort that is frequently neglected is the depth of the bathtub.

Fortunately, with the innovative solution of a bathtub depth extender, you can transform your standard tub into a luxurious soaking oasis. These accessories provide the extra depth needed to fully immerse yourself, enhancing the overall experience of your bath time ritual. 

Alongside a depth extender, various other accessories, such as padded headrests, non-slip mats, and bath pillows, are designed to elevate your comfort levels. 

By investing in these thoughtful additions, you can create a spa-like atmosphere in your home, where relaxation and rejuvenation are always within reach. 

Rapid Solutions for a Smooth Soak

Adding a bathtub depth extender can make your bath more enjoyable, but sometimes you might encounter problems. Don’t worry, though! 

Fixing these issues is easier. Whether it’s problems with putting it in, keeping it steady, or stopping water from leaking, quick and easy solutions are available to ensure your bath goes smoothly every time.

You can adjust where the extender goes or ensure it’s firmly attached to your bathtub. Small changes like these can help. Also, if there are any gaps or leaks, fixing them quickly can stop water from escaping and keep your bath as deep as you want it.

Understanding and using these simple solutions can help you deal with any hiccups. So relax in your bath, knowing you can handle any small problems.

Final words

Easily a bathtub that is deeper than it is now can be installed on a budget. Overall, this article helps you make your existing bathtub deeper and gives you some ideas on how to do so with your space. 

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