Why You Should Choose A German Schmear Stone Fireplace: 9 Reasons

by Jennifer Sergent
german schmear stone fireplace

If you’re looking for a fireplace with rich, warm tones and the look of real stone, a german schmear stone fireplace is exactly what you need. They are built from natural stone such as granite or slate rather than ceramic tiles. 

For this reason, investing in a german smear stone fireplace is one of the best ways to improve your home’s overall appearance and functionality. 

Here are nine good reasons why you should get one as soon as possible: 

They Look Expensive

Many German schmear stones are made from natural stones such as granite or slate rather than ceramic tiles

This means they don’t have the same cheap appearance as ceramic tile fireplaces. It will cost you more money but look much pricier in the process. 


In fact, they are Inexpensive.

They Are Relatively Inexpensive – A german schmear on the stone is much more affordable than other options. 

This means that maintenance or repairs don’t cost much each year to keep it running smoothly. So you can get a german schmear stone fireplace for less than $500, and it is still highly functional and reliable!

They Last a Lifetime 

Unlike cheaper models, which are relatively disposable when it comes to repairs. German schmear stone fireplaces are built to last many generations

Looking at them from a price-per-year perspective, investing in a german schmear stone exterior will save you more money over time than buying inferior models for their lower initial price tag.

If you’re looking for a fireplace with rich, warm tones and the look of real stone, a german schmear on a stone is exactly what you need. They are built from natural stone such as granite or slate rather than ceramic tiles. 

Improve Home Appearance

This is one of the most important reasons why investing in a german schmear stone exterior is worth your time and money. A lot of people invest their hard-earned money into home improvement for the sake of improving their home’s appearance. 

A German Smear Stone Fireplace is designed to make your home look elegant and luxurious. They are also visually appealing to the eye, as they feature a variety of shapes and natural stone designs that will bring beauty to any room in your home. 

Additionally, they do not have the same cheap appearance as cheaper models, which may not be able to compensate for their low quality. 

And rightly so! Installing a german schmear stone fireplace will reap some serious benefits because they are beautiful to look at and help improve your home’s curb appeal. 

They are Incredibly Functional

A german schmear stone fireplace is incredibly functional because you can easily install it in your home. This means you get a model that will fit in with virtually any room and help improve the functionality of the space. 

In addition to fitting into most spaces, you can convert your existing fireplace into a german schmear stone fireplace. German smears on the stone fireplaces are made from high-quality materials. It allows fireplaces to support both easy installations as well as impressive functionality.

These features will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a functional fireplace without sacrificing looks or durability. 

They are Cost Efficient

The cost of a german schmear stone fireplace may seem like a lot at first glance, but considering its longevity and the safety it offers. Also, how attractive it looks, you will easily get your money’s worth out of these investments over time.

A German Smear Stone Fireplace is more affordable than it seems. Considering the energy cost and the amount of money you’ll spend on other repairs over time, a german schmear stone fireplace can be more economical than buying an inferior model. 

They are Good for Investment

The value of these models will keep increasing because of their quality and unique designs. So selling them when you need money for something else is not an issue. 

You Can Sell Them On eBay. Investing in a german schmear rock fireplace is a good idea. Because they are not difficult to sell on eBay or other similar sites if the need should arise. 

These factors are why you should improve your schmear fireplace is appeal by investing in a German-style one. An improved feature should also improve the functionality of the fireplace, making it that much easier to warm up your home.

They Are Durability

German schmear stone houses are surprisingly durable. They won’t break up easily or crack like cheaper models. This means they will last longer without getting the bank fixed! 

Additionally, these fireplaces don’t require any additional tools for operation. They are also quite durable and can withstand high temperatures without breaking down. 

This means they are also easier to repair when something goes wrong rather than spending a fortune on replacements. 

The bottom line? German schmear stone fireplaces are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and more affordable than you might think!

They are Fire-Safe

The german schmear stone fireplace is an important part of your home’s security features. 

This is because they are fire-safe!

This means you needn’t worry about your family or home catching on fire when using them. 

How to German Schmear a Fireplace


Before transforming your fireplace with the German Schmear technique, ensure you have all the necessary supplies ready. You’ll need mortar mix, a 2-gallon bucket, builder’s paper, tape, a trowel, paintbrushes, a sponge, and protective gear like gloves and goggles. Gather these materials to streamline the process and achieve a flawless finish.

Protect Everything: 

Protecting surrounding surfaces from potential damage or mess is crucial when tackling a project like German Schmearing a fireplace. Cover floors with builder’s paper and tape off adjacent walls, mantels, and fixtures using painter’s tape. This precautionary step ensures easy cleanup and preserves the integrity of your space throughout the transformation process.

Step 1 – Builder’s Paper: 

Lay down builder’s paper to safeguard your flooring from mortar spills and splatters. This thick, durable paper protects against stains and damage, allowing you to work confidently without worrying about leaving behind a mess. Secure the paper with tape along the edges to keep it in place throughout the project.

Step 2 – Tape Off: 

Use painter’s tape to meticulously tape off areas around the fireplace that you don’t want to be affected by the German Schmear application. This includes adjacent walls, mantels, and any other surfaces where you want to maintain the existing finish or avoid accidental smears. Take your time during this step to ensure precise boundaries and a clean, professional result.

Mixing the Mortar

Step 1: Scoop the Mortar into the 2-Gallon Bucket: 

Begin by scooping the required mortar mix into a clean, dry 2-gallon bucket. Use a trowel to transfer the mortar, ensuring accurate measurement and minimizing waste. Adjust the quantity based on the size of your fireplace and the desired thickness of the German Schmear coating.

Step 2 – Mix the Mortar: 

Add water to the mortar mix in the bucket according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a mixing paddle attachment on a drill to blend the ingredients thoroughly until you achieve a smooth, workable consistency. Aim for a texture similar to thick peanut butter, ensuring the mortar is neither too dry nor too runny for optimal application.

How to German Schmear

Step 1 – Paint on the Mortar: 

Dip a paintbrush into the mixed mortar and begin applying it to the fireplace’s surface in smooth, even strokes. Work section by section, covering the bricks or stones with a generous layer of mortar to achieve the desired texture and coverage. Take your time to ensure thorough and consistent application for a cohesive look.

Step 2 – Wipe the Mortar with a Sponge: 

Once you’ve painted on the mortar, use a damp sponge to gently wipe away excess mortar from the surface of the bricks or stones. This step is crucial for achieving the characteristic distressed look of German Schmear, as it exposes some of the underlying texture while leaving a weathered finish on the surface. Continue wiping until you achieve the desired effect, adjusting pressure as needed to control the level of distress.


The german smear stone fireplace is an efficient method to improve the aesthetic of your home with security and safety features that go with it. A german smear flagstone is a perfect way to spice up your home’s look.

Thank you for reading the Style Of Homes Blog. I have written another article especially for you about how long does German smear last specifically for you. This way you will know the risks and cause factors involved, as well as tips to help improve german smear longevity.

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