Dormer Velux: A New Way To Bring In The Light

by Jennifer Sergent
Dormer Velux

Dormer windows are attractive architectural elements that give a home character and often some natural light. 

However, they can also be challenging to design, especially if the space you’re inhabiting is much smaller than what you would typically need to accommodate an attic. 

A smaller room means restricting the number of windows. But it also allows you to incorporate various types of light fixtures to bring in as much natural sunlight as possible. 

Additionally, If you have limited living space and want to add a more decorative element to your property, check out Dormer Velux. 

You can add these skylights into smaller spaces without compromising your ceiling height or impacting the rest of your house. Here’s how they work and the pros and cons of using one.

How Dormer Velux help brighten up your home?

Dormer Velux is a type of skylight that you can install in your home, making your living space seem much bigger. They work by opening up the ceiling and letting in natural light, which can be a blessing for those with smaller homes or apartments. 

But they also have limitations. For example, they don’t give as much natural light as other types of windows. They may not be ideal for people who prefer to avoid bright lights shining on their faces. 

Nevertheless, there is a lot to love about Dormer Velux. You can see more of your home by introducing natural light in spaces where you can’t otherwise access sunlight. You’ll also save money. 

If you decide to install one, you don’t have to worry about getting a window replaced because it doesn’t require an opening in your wall like traditional windows do. 

Another great feature is that when it is closed at night, it will completely block all light from entering the room so no one else can see inside the space. So it’s perfect for kids’ rooms or playrooms where you want total darkness at night.

What do you need to know about Dormer Velux?

Dormer Velux skylights get specifically designed for smaller spaces that need natural light but don’t have the ceiling height to accommodate traditional, larger skylights. 

They are a great way to add a more decorative element to your property while still providing natural light. You can install these with or without a roof, so they work well in different parts of the house. 

Because they aren’t attached to your top, they aren’t as susceptible to rain or snow damage and are an excellent option if you worry about these factors. 

Dormer Velux is cheaper than traditional glass ones and does not require as much maintenance, Because they’re smaller than regular skylights and have fewer glass panes. 

Moreover, The downside is that they don’t get fully open and close like other types of skylights. The cost can vary depending on what kind of window you choose and how many windows you want to install. 

But the prices are generally lower than other types of windows because installation gets not required for most Dormer Velux models.

Dormer Window
A New Way To Bring In Light

The Different Types of Dormer Velux Windows

There are two different types of Dormer Velux windows that you can find on the market. These are the K-Series and the B-Series. 

The K-Series is smaller and more commonly used, while the B-Series is larger and more expensive to install. In addition, the K-series has a fixed window height of 3 feet 8 inches, while the B-series has a fixed size of 40 feet. 

This difference in size makes them ideal for different uses. For example, if you wanted to install a small skylight in your main bedroom, you’d go with the K-series. Because it would work better with that space than a larger B-series skylight would. 

Both series come in several different configurations. 

  • Single windows 
  • Double windows 
  • Triple windows 
  • Quad windows 

These give you more options for how to light up your room without compromising on your aesthetic appeal. 

In addition to their varying configurations, these skylights come in various materials, including steel, aluminum, and wood-framed roofs. You can choose one based on your preference and budget since they have similar costs. 

Since you fix these skylights at certain heights, there’s no need for framing around them. A huge advantage, when considering how much time this design would require compared to other types of skylights. 

What types of buildings are befitting for a Dormer Velux?

Dormer Velux is a perfectIt’s important to ensure you’ll have enough space for this type of window, especially if you have any obstructions such as big trees, balconies, or other buildings. 

In addition, for any building with existing windows, as you can install them over the top without covering up too much light. 

They’re a great way to add light and make your home appear bigger. Because Dormer Velux skylights are so discrete. 

If you have room for it and want to see how these windows work in practice, try installing one on your house or apartment and see how they work out.

Dormer Skylight
Dormer Window

How to choose the right Dormer Velux window?

For Your Home When it comes to Dormer windows, there are a few factors you need to consider before choosing the best option for your home. 

First, of course, the size of your room is one of the most significant considerations. If your room is small, you need to ensure that the window will fit into your space without compromising on other features. 

In addition, before picking this type of window for your property, you should consider some design considerations. For instance, if you have existing skylights or light fixtures that you would like to keep, this might not be the right choice.

On the other hand, with skylights and light fixtures already in place, it can make installation easier since they will already be secured. 

Benefits Of Having A Dormer Velux Window

You can add a new light layer to your home without sacrificing living space. The installation process is simple. It doesn’t require spreading structural materials on the roof. In addition, the skylight accommodates both natural and artificial light.

How to maintain a Dormer Velux?

You can install the Dormer Velux skylight typically on a home’s roof. With this type of skylight, you will have to use a ladder to access it, which can be inconvenient. However, the benefits outweigh any inconveniences. 


  • Easy installation with no complex construction 
  • You don’t need to remove ceiling tiles or change your home architecture. 
  • They provide natural light and ventilation for smaller spaces 
  • Dormer Velux are more eco-friendly than other skylights.

Installing a Dormer Velux Window

Dormer Velux skylights get installed in a way that is different than other types of skylights. You can mount it within the wall, so there’s no need for a hole in the ceiling. 

However, it’s important to realize that you can install these windows only in spaces with at least six feet high ceilings. Those with tops shorter than six feet are available in smaller sizes and require professional installation.

Design Options of Dormer Velux

Dormer windows are attractive architectural elements that give a home character and often some natural light. However, they can also be challenging to design, especially if the space you’re inhabiting is much smaller than what you would typically need to accommodate an attic. 

Because of this, you will have to consider the design options when looking into adding these types of windows to your home. 


There are different materials available that you can choose from. The most common choices include aluminum or polycarbonate, or tempered glass. 


If installing yourself, ensure that the window has been pre-drilled and latched into place before putting it into your home. It’s also important to use adhesives specifically meant for Dormer windows when installing them for long-term durability and security. 


You should place dormers at least 24 inches above the ground so they don’t get too wet in case rain comes down. 

Lighting Options 

You can add fluorescent lights with a soft white color temperature or LEDs with warm white light to provide an ambiance. It lets your room feel lit by natural light while still being bright enough to provide light throughout your entire space.

Dormer skylight
Dormer Skylight


This blog goes over the benefits of a Dormer Velux window and how you can use it in residential and commercial buildings. It is a great way to create an amazing design. 

There are many advantages to having a Dormer Velux window, and this blog goes over them. We will also discuss design options. I hope you find this article useful.

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