How to Make Your Living Room Look Bigger and More Inviting[Updated 2024]

by Jennifer Sergent
living room with bed, fan and dresser

With more friends, family, and acquaintances, our homes have become the central hub for all our social activities. To keep up with all the additional people coming by, it’s important to have a home that feels spacious and accommodating. 

If your living room feels cramped, dark, and impersonal, you might consider making some changes. But, unfortunately, it has the opposite effect if you feel like people aren’t spending enough time in your home. Instead of inviting others in, they feel like they’re passing through.

 To make sure your living room looks inviting and welcoming to guests as much as possible, follow these simple tips:

Decorate Strategically

The first step to making your living room a social hub is decorating it strategically. The most important thing to consider when decorating is how people will move through the space. 

Then consider how your living room feels and what colors or mood you want it to exude. For example, if you want your living room to feel like a modern, sleek retreat in contrast with your rustic cabin retreats, decorate it in charcoal gray and aqua tones. You might also consider painting the walls white or darkening them with an accent color like red or purple.

Dazzle with a Glitzy Throw Shade

One way to make your living room look more inviting is by using a glamorous throw shade. A beautiful shade can be your new favorite accessory for the fall, and it does have the potential to transform a tired space into one that’s positively radiant. 

Consider adding a stunning piece of artwork, like this eye-catching Murano glass work currently on display at Elizabeth Street in New York. If you’re looking for something more affordable and practical, consider going with drapery or an area rug. 

These pieces will help create an open feel while maintaining some privacy (in case you need it).

Light Up the room for ambiance

The first thing you want to do is increase the light in the room. This is important because it creates a space that feels inviting, warm, and welcoming. It also helps set the mood for your guests. 

Another way to improve lighting in your living room is with candles. These can be used to create ambiance or as a source of light. They can also be placed strategically around the room where they won’t be too bright but still provide enough illumination so that guests don’t get lost in shadows when walking from one side to another. 

Nightlights are another great option for lighting your home without turning on harsh overhead lights. Suppose you can install a nightlight that turns off automatically. In that case, this will save you time and money by avoiding turning on lights unnecessarily during the day and keeping electricity bills down at night when people are sleeping. 

To make sure your living room looks inviting and welcoming, use candles, nightlights, or turn on outdoor light sources like lamps outside your windows to help increase the mood in your home and keep it from feeling impersonal.

Dresser vs Wardrobe

Get a new rug to balance out colors and textures.

Your living room is a focal point of your home. It’s where you spend time with family and friends, so it’s important to make sure that it feels comfortable and inviting for guests. 

  • To do this, first get a rug on which to spread out. A carpet can help make the space feel bigger because it adds an extra layer of texture. 
  • In addition to adding a sense of depth and dimension to your living room, color palettes are more balanced when there’s a rug present in the space. 
  • Next, consider lighting options around your living room. Having lights available in appropriate places will make the space more welcoming and social. 
  • Installing lamps next to couches or grouping together two or three near chairs is a very easy way to add light while ensuring that everyone has easy access. 
  • Finally, be aware of how much natural light comes in through the windows. If you live in an area where sunlight comes in naturally throughout the day, don’t worry too much about making your living room look big or inviting. 
  • If you live in an area where natural light only streams into your living room during certain hours of the day (like at night), then be mindful about having lights around that area so that it doesn’t feel like bedtime all day long!

Add a functional piece like a coffee table or stool

If your living room is feeling a little too tight, adding a functional piece like a coffee table or stool can make the space feel more spacious. 

You can also add an element of functionality to the room that guests will appreciate and are sure to use. A stool, for example, is an excellent addition to someone’s living room because it invites people to sit down and stay awhile. 

If you don’t want people disturbing your view of the TV or if you have a small dining area, then a coffee table can be used as an impromptu place for them to set their drinks to spare some floor space. 

Adding such pieces helps make your living room more inviting by giving people places to sit and relax.

Install light fixtures over your sofa and chairs

Many people mistake installing a light fixture in their living room or dining room that’s too low to put on the ceiling. This will make your living room feel like it has dark corners and shadowed areas that You can’t fully light up. 

Instead, try installing lights over your sofa and chairs so you can have enough light to see your guests and make them feel at home. This is especially important for those who live in apartments or small spaces because living rooms are often the only rooms where you can put a light fixture without it being too high to reach.

Don’t forget to dust and vacuum!

You might think it’s boring to dust or vacuum, but it can make a huge difference in how your living space feels. 

Make sure you keep any surfaces clean and tidy with a quick sweep of a feather duster or vacuum cleaner before the company comes over. 

A well-kept home is also less likely to be overwhelmed by clutter, which gives the impression that someone has their life together and is looking for some time off work.

Other Exclusive ideas


Make your living room feel warm and bright like the sun. Use thin curtains to let sunlight in softly, making it peaceful. Pick furniture in light colors to make the room look even brighter. Add decorations like gold mirrors or pictures of the sun to make it feel sunny. 

Put some plants in the room to make it feel fresh and alive. Make a comfy spot for reading in the sunlight. It is great for relaxing. Let the sunshine make your living room feel happy and lively.

Add Bohemian Accents

Make your living room look cool with Bohemian style. Combine different textures and patterns with rugs, blankets, and pillows in bright colors and cool designs. Hang big fabric pictures or woven wall decorations for a fun touch. Plants in pots and little ones called succulents make it feel like you’re outside. 

Mix up your furniture so it doesn’t all match perfectly for a relaxed Bohemian look. Make a comfy sitting spot with big cushions and soft footrests for a chill vibe. Add decorations worldwide, like lanterns from Morocco or soft footrests from India. Make your living room feel free and creative with Bohemian stuff about being yourself.

Add Unique Seating

Make your living room better by arranging seats in cool ways that make people want to talk and feel comfy. Use different kinds of chairs, sofas, and footstools in different styles and materials to make it look interesting. Think about adding standout pieces like a soft velvet long chair or a fancy chair with a cool shape. 

Add big cushions or bean bags on the floor for more relaxed seating choices. Try out different heights and shapes to make it look more exciting. Make a cozy spot for reading with a comfy chair and a lamp. Whether your space is small or big, let the seating you choose show what your living room is all about.

Aim for the Sky

Change your living room to look like the sky. Use decorations that remind you of space, like a big chandelier that sparkles like stars. Put wallpaper or stickers on the walls with moons, stars, and galaxies. 

Add shiny gold or silver to make it look like the night sky. Use soft materials like velvet or fake fur to make it comfy. Arrange the furniture so you can easily look at the stars or talk. 

You could even put a telescope in the room as a cool decoration. It will make your living room feel magical like you’re under the stars, and it will amaze you.


Make your living room lively and colorful! Use bright colors like red, blue, or yellow to stand out. Mix different patterns and textures for a unique but put-together style. Pick furniture with simple designs to balance the bold colors. 

Add bold-colored art or paint one wall a bright color to make the room feel grounded. Use shiny metals like brass or chrome for some extra glamour. Experiment with lighting to make the room feel vibrant. Let your living room show off your fearless style.


In your living room, choose furniture and decorations with eye-catching shapes. Look for different and interesting pieces, like sofas or chairs with cool lines and curves. Get coffee tables or side tables with geometric designs for a modern feel. 

Choose lights that stand out, like big hanging or simple floor lamps. Consider getting art or mirrors in unique shapes to make your room look deeper. Use bold shapes to give your living room a cool and modern style.


Make your living room look amazing by using bright colors and interesting patterns. Pick furniture with bold colors like green, blue, or pink to stand out. Mix different patterns like stripes or shapes for a cool look. Add rugs and blankets with different patterns and textures to make the room more interesting. 

Put up cool pictures or stickers on the walls to make it even more incredible. Use neutral stuff like white walls or wood furniture to balance out all the bold colors and patterns. Make your living room unique and stylish with bright colors and fun patterns that catch people’s eyes.

Build a Bar

Make a cool place in your living room to have fun with your friends. Put in a fancy bar. You can pick a fancy cart with wheels or build a bar into the room. Show off your favorite drinks and fancy glasses. Get different kinds of alcohol, mixers, and things to put on top. 

Think about adding shelves or cabinets to keep everything tidy. Make the bar look nice with fancy stuff like glass bottles and flowers. Put in special lights to make it feel cozy for parties. Whether it’s a small bar in the corner or a whole area just for chilling, having a bar in your living room makes it look cool and you can use it for parties.

Candy Living Room:

To make a candy-themed living room, use sweet colors like pink, green, and yellow. Choose fun furniture with curved edges and playful designs. Add more color with bright pillows, rugs, and art. 

Consider adding a big, colorful light or a wall covered in big candy stickers. Make the room cozy with soft seats, cute decorations like candy jars, and funny lamps.

Scandi Aesthetic:

With a Scandinavian style, your living room will be simple and useful. Choose smooth furniture with simple shapes and light wood colors, such as white, gray, and light blue. 

Put in things from nature, like plants and woven materials, to make it warm and comfy. Keep it tidy with good storage and let in lots of natural light. Make it extra cozy with soft blankets, nice rugs, and candles.

Pastel Paint:

Transform your living room into a serene oasis with Pastel Paint hues. Choose soft shades like lavender, powder blue, and pale peach to create a calming atmosphere. Opt for a monochromatic color scheme or mix-and-match pastel tones for a playful twist. 

Pair pastel walls with white or light wood furniture to keep the space bright and open. Add depth and dimension with metallic accents like gold or rose gold accessories. Finish the look with soft textiles such as velvet pillows and faux fur throws for a cozy and inviting ambiance.

Color on Neutral:

Make your living room special by adding colorful things, even if your furniture and walls are plain colors like beige or gray. You can start by choosing those neutral colors for your walls and furniture because they work well with any style. 

Then, you can add bright colors using things like colorful pillows, rugs with patterns, and interesting artwork. Mix different colors to make your room look more exciting. You can also use shiny materials like brass or copper to make your room feel warmer and fancier. Make sure you balance the bright colors with some neutral things so your room feels calm and cozy, perfect for relaxing or having friends over.


Make a cozy living room where everyone feels welcome and included. Arrange the furniture so it’s easy to chat and hang out together. You could put the seats in a circle or around a fireplace or table in the middle. 

Use big, comfy sofas and chairs that can accommodate lots of people. Add things like family photos, art, and souvenirs to showcase the different things that make your group special. And think about having events or things to do regularly to bring everyone closer together in your living room.

Decorate for Sensory Sensitivity:

Make your living room cozy and calming for people sensitive to their senses. Use soft fabrics like velvet and chenille for cushions and furniture. Pick natural wood and stone for your furniture and decorations to stabilize the room. 

Don’t use bright lights; instead, use soft, gentle lights to help people feel relaxed. Plants and a small water feature should be implemented to make the room peaceful. Keep the room tidy and neat to help people feel calm and in control.

Deepen the Tones:

Use rich colors to make your living room feel fancy and nice. Pick deep shades like dark blue, green, or red for the walls and furniture. Add textures like velvet, leather, or fake fur to make it interesting. 

Put some shiny stuff, like gold or bronze, to make it look fancy. Mix dark colors with light ones, like white, and simple things so it doesn’t look too dark. Also, ensure good lights and comfy furniture to make it cozy.

Desert Retreat:

To make your living room feel calm and peaceful, like a desert oasis, use colors like sandy beige, terracotta, and sage green for the walls and decorations. For furniture and decorations, use natural materials like rattan, jute, and reclaimed wood. 

Put some cacti and succulents in pots to bring nature inside. Make a comfy seating area with big floor cushions and low sofas for a relaxed feeling. Add tribal-style fabrics, woven baskets, and Moroccan lanterns for a bohemian look with a desert feel.


Strong differences are really important in a fancy living room. Imagine walls painted dark colors like midnight blue or charcoal grey mixed with bright pops of color. Fancy velvet sofas and fancy chandeliers make the room feel rich, while cool art gets all the attention. 

Cool lights make interesting shadows, making the room feel like a play. The way things feel is also really important, with soft rugs and velvet curtains that make you want to touch them. Everything is picked carefully to make the room feel grand and interesting, like a stage for special moments.


In the fancy living room, there are lots of different textures that feel nice to touch. Some parts are smooth like marble, and others are soft like velvet. The walls are rough brick but look cozy with the gentle lights shining on them. 

There are comfy leather chairs next to fluffy blankets, so you can relax and feel cozy. All these different textures make the room interesting and cozy, like a story where different things come together to make something special.


In this living room, the fireplace is the main attraction. It’s where people gather to chat and feel warm. The fireplace looks modern and cool, and its flames make the room feel cozy. Around it are comfy chairs and sofas where guests can sit and chill out. Shelves are built into the wall where you can see nice books and art. The colors in the room are warm and friendly, making it feel cozy and fancy. In this cool living room, the fireplace is not just for heat; it’s like the heart of the home.

Industrial Interest Living Room:

An industrial-interest living room mixes tough materials with a cool design, blending roughness with style. It has brick walls without any covering, metal decorations, and furniture made from saved wood. 


Comfortable seats are made of leather, which makes the room feel cozy. Big lights hang from high up, making the room look cool. Factories and old things inspire art and things to decorate. This style likes to mix old things with new things, making a special space and celebrating things that aren’t perfect.

Laid-back Living Room:

Imagine a cozy living room that feels relaxed and comfy, making you want to chill out coolly. Big, super comfy sofas and chairs call you to just sink in and get cozy. The colors around are soft and calm, making the whole place feel peaceful. Small tables are close to the ground, and soft cushions on the floor invite you to hang out in a laid-back way, whether with friends or just by yourself. 

The furniture and stuff around are mostly natural, like cotton, linen, and wood, making everything feel natural and easy. The room is not crowded with many things; it’s simple and neat, giving you a nice escape from the busy outside world so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Marble Living Room:

A fancy marble living room looks luxurious and elegant. It shows the classic beauty of marble, a special rock. The floor and countertops are marble, making the room feel fancy. There are also other marble things like a fancy fireplace or a table for drinks. The colors in the room are soft and calm, making the marble look even better. 

The furniture is soft and comfy, and shiny metal things are around to make the room look even fancier. The lights in the room are big and special, making the room feel exciting. This room is super fancy and makes you feel really special when you’re in it.

Maximalist Chicago Living Room:

A maximalist Chicago living room is full of life and color. It’s bold and exciting, with lots of different patterns and textures. The furniture is mixed and matched but fits together nicely. Something is interesting everywhere, like art, souvenirs, and special items. The colors are vibrant, and there are shiny touches like metallic decorations. 

Big rugs and curtains make it feel snug and comfy. The walls are like a mini art gallery, with different pictures showing off the owner’s unique tastes. This style is about being yourself and letting your creativity shine, making the living room a fun and lively place that shows off who lives there.

Midcentury Modern Romance:

The living room has a cool style from the 1950s and 60s. It has smooth lines and natural shapes. Think of chairs and tables that are famous from that time. The colors and wood make the room feel cozy. There are also mixed old-fashioned things and modern stuff. It looks both old and new. The style brings back the good feelings from the past and makes you feel good.

Mirror Marvel Living Room:

Imagine a living room that’s like a shiny magic trick! It’s filled with things that reflect light, making the room look bigger and brighter. There are furniture pieces like tables and shelves with mirrors, making the room feel fancy and classy. 

Some walls or parts of the room also have mirrors to make it even brighter and feel like there’s more space. Fancy lights and shiny decorations add to the sparkle of the room. But don’t worry; there are also soft and comfy things like pillows and chairs to make it cozy and not too shiny. This style makes the living room look special, full of light and magic.

Monochromatic Living Room:

A monochromatic living room keeps things simple by using mostly one color: white, gray, or beige. Everything in the room, like the walls, furniture, and decorations, follows this color scheme. 

Different textures, like linen, wool, and leather, make the room interesting. Small touches of slightly different colors add variety, keeping it from boring. This style feels calm and classy, like a peaceful escape from a busy life.


The big living room has huge paintings and photos on the walls. They catch your eye and make the room feel special. These artworks are like the stars of the room, making you think and feel things. They’re so big that they make the room feel like an art gallery. 

The colors and brushstrokes are bold and bright, making you want to talk about them and think deeply. Big art in a room isn’t just for looks; it shows what the person who lives there loves and cares about.

Paint the Fireplace

Paint the fireplace to improve the look of your living room. This can make it more exciting and nice. Pick a color that complements your room’s style. For example, you can choose a clean white for a modern style or a bright color to make it stand out. 

This can turn an old fireplace into the main focus of the room. Painting it can make it look new and interesting. It adds warmth and makes the room feel more like you. It’s a simple way to make your room feel fresh and new.


Make your living room a great place for parties! Make sure everyone feels welcome and can have fun. Use different kinds of seats so people can talk easily. Put in lights that change colors to match the mood of the party. 

Have special spots for fun, like a place for drinks or games. Thinking carefully and planning well will make your living room the best spot for awesome parties and celebrations.


Use different patterns to make your living room fun and interesting. Mix things like stripes and flowers to make the room look cool. Add different textures and colors to make it more exciting. Use solid colors, too, to make everything look nice together. 

Use colorful rugs, nice pillows, or cool wallpaper to add patterns. Mix different patterns to make the room look cool and classy. Every little thing you see in a room like this will make you smile.


Make your living room cozy and stylish with plaid! Use plaid blankets, pillows, or furniture to add a traditional and comfy feel. Mix different plaid patterns and colors to make the room interesting and warm. 

Match with wooden furniture and soft fabrics for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. With plaid all around, your living room will feel like a cozy countryside getaway where you can relax and enjoy being home.

Play the Piano

Make your living room sound nice by adding a piano. It can be big or small. A big one can be the main thing in the room. A small one can be put in a corner. Having a piano can make people want to play and sing together. Put some comfy chairs around it for people to sit and listen. 

This will make it a cozy place where people can be creative and friendly. With music in the air, the living room becomes a special place where people can share feelings and stories through songs.

Play With Neutrals

Use neutral colors that always stay in style to create a calm and fancy living room. Soft whites, warm beiges, and light grays will make the room feel peaceful and balanced. Add textures like soft rugs and shiny metal decorations to make the room more interesting. 

Mix different shades of neutral colors to make the room look more lively, but keep it subtle so any standout furniture or decorations can grab attention. Mixing textures, patterns, and materials carefully will make a neutral living room look classy and make you feel relaxed and thoughtful.

Put a Record On

Playing records can make your living room feel nice and friendly. Collect records from different times and types of music so everyone can find something they like. Create a special spot in your room with a cool record player and comfy chairs where people can sit and listen. 

Invite your friends and family to join you for a special music experience. Vinyl records make a scratchy sound when you play them, which feels cozy and reminds people of the past. They make the moments you spend together at home feel special. Playing records in your living room makes memories and fills the air with beautiful music.


Make your living room colorful like a rainbow! Start with plain colors, then add bright furniture, cushions, and art. Mix different colors together smoothly to make a happy and lively room. Choose colors from yellow to blue to make your room feel sunny and peaceful. Make your space full of happiness and good feelings.

Refresh It With Accent Paint:

Use accent paint to make your living room look better without a lot of work. Pick a strong color that complements what’s already there and put it in the right places to make things more interesting. You can paint just one wall or part of the room to make it stand out. Trying different colors and finishes can help you find what works best and make your living room feel new and exciting.


Use repetition to make your living room look good. That means picking a design or pattern and using it repeatedly in different things, like curtains, pillows, or pictures on the wall. This makes everything in the room fit together nicely. You can use shapes, flowers, or cool designs that you like. Using repetition makes your living room look fancy and interesting.


Make your living room look old-fashioned with a design inspired by the past. Use old-style furniture, bright colors, and patterns everyone recognizes from the middle of the last century. Put together old things with new stuff to make your room look special and interesting. 

Put in things like shaggy rugs and cool lights to make your room feel like the past. Have fun with the bold and playful style of the past to make a living room that feels like it will never go out of style and is full of life.


Discover new ways to change the look of your living room. Use furniture and decorations that can be moved and changed easily. You can rearrange them to fit what you need and how you feel. Chairs and shelves can be adjusted, and storage can be used in different ways, making changing your room simple. 

Choose flexible design ideas so your living room can grow and change with you. Whether having friends over or relaxing alone, the shape-shifting design helps your living room feel perfect for any occasion.

Show Off Your Special Interests:

Make your living room special by showing what you love. If you like books, music, or traveling, let that show how you decorate. Put your favorite books on nice shelves, hang old concert posters on the walls, or add souvenirs from your trips to the design. When you fill your space with things you love, it becomes a living room that’s all yours and makes people want to talk about it when they visit.


Make your living room look cool with one thing that grabs people’s attention. It could be a big, impressive painting, a fancy light, or a cool piece of furniture. Pick something that stands out and makes the room special. 

Make sure this thing is the main focus of the room. Then, decorate around it. This will make your living room more interesting. It doesn’t matter if you like modern stuff, a mix of different styles, or classic things. A good statement piece will make your living room look awesome and show off your style.

Stick to a Color Palette:

When setting up your living room, using a few main colors can make everything look nice together. Pick one main color and add others to make it more interesting. You can start with neutral colors like white or beige and then add bright colors for a modern look. 

Or, you can use colors next to each other on the color wheel for a calming feel. Balance warm and cool colors to make the room feel just right, whether you want it to feel cozy or fresh. Connecting all the colors will make your living room look nice and put together.

Take a Modern Approach:

Make your living room look new by using a modern style. This means focusing on simple lines, basic looks, and useful things. Choose furniture that is smooth and has shapes like squares or triangles and sometimes has shiny metal parts. Use colors like white, gray, or beige for most of the room, but add some bright colors or cool patterns here and there to make it more interesting. 

Use technology in your design, like lights that can be controlled with your phone or systems for watching movies or listening to music. Keep your things organized with clever storage ideas, and make sure the room is set up so it’s easy to move around. With a modern style, your living room will look fancy and cool.

Take Inspiration From History:

Get ideas from the past to make your living room look fancy and stylish. Pick furniture and decorations that remind you of a certain time, like Victorian, Art Deco, or Mid-Century Modern. Add classic architectural details like fancy moldings, wooden wall panels, or rounded doorways to make it look even better. 

Choose fabrics and designs that match the period, like soft velvet or fancy patterns. Mix old things with new stuff to make it look cool and interesting. Doing this will make your living room a cool mix of old-fashioned charm and modern style.

living room

Take Inspiration From Outdoor Furniture:

Using ideas from outdoor furniture, make your living room feel like the outdoors. Use wood, rattan, and wicker to make it feel warm and textured. Pick furniture with natural shapes and colors to create a comfy and inviting vibe. Put plants inside and use pictures of plants to make it feel like you’re outside. 

Think about using furniture that can be used both inside and outside, like sofas and footrests that can be moved around easily. Making your living room feel like outdoor furniture can become a calm place to relax and feel refreshed.

Textural Living Room:

Use different textures to make your living room feel nice. Include soft things like rugs and velvet furniture and rough things like wood and metal. Use different materials like leather, linen, and silk to make it interesting to touch. Mix rough and soft things together or shiny and not shiny things. Add textures to small decorations like pillows, blankets, and pictures on the wall. This will make your living room feel cozy and relaxing.

The Old Meets the New:

Mix old and new styles to make your living room special. Use old furniture with new touches to create a cool look. You can put an old sofa with new tables or show off old dishes next to modern art. 

Mix different styles and materials to make your room interesting. Make sure your room looks nice but also works well. Your living room will be full of character with old and new things together.


Make your living room feel like a special place full of cool stuff and old family things. Put in unique things that mean something to you, like old furniture or neat things you found at a market. 

Mix in stuff that’s been in your family for a long time with stuff you’ve collected over the years. It’s okay if things aren’t perfect – that just adds character! Arrange everything in a way that makes sense and shows off each item. With a room like this, every spot will have a story, making it a cozy and special place.


When decorating your living room, knowing where to start and what to do next can be hard. Unfortunately, there are no hard-and-fast rules about how to decorate your living room, but there are some simple tips and tricks that can help make your living room feel more comfortable and inviting. 

You should first consider where the most traffic in your home will come from. For example, if you have a front door, it should be the first place people see when they enter your home. Decorate with a focus on that location, using beautiful pieces that reflect the colors of that area

Next, think about what mood you want your living room to be in. Not all rooms need to feel welcoming, so let your decorating preferences dictate what you use in each space. Let your thoughts guide the way with bright tones and patterns if you want a more playful or energetic space. 

Then, consider how often you’ll be entertaining in the room. If you’re hosting many guests or family regularly, consider adding some neutral pieces that mix with other colors

Lastly, consider how often you’ll be decorating and how busy you’ll be with guests.

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