How To Attach Sawtooth Hangers: The Easiest Way

by Jennifer Sergent
sawtooth hangers how to attach

Hangers ensure your clothes don’t fall out of the hanger or wrinkle. In addition, your closet has a better appearance if you use different hangers for different clothing types.

If you have many hanging garments, it’s advisable to attach sawtooth hangers instead of traditional bar hangers. Sawtooth hangers are ideal for storing bulky items like sweaters, towels, or linens. These types of hangars enable you to easily hang an item from one end and access it from the other.

You won’t need a second set of hands to get your items out either – just remove the hanger from the rod and unfold it so you can use it again afterward.

What Is A Sawtooth Hanger?

Sawtooth hangers are a type of hanger that features two angled teeth. The teeth can hang clothes from different sides of the rod. When you want to access an item on the second side, just remove the hanger from the rod and unfold it so you can use it again afterward. 

A sawtooth hanger is a suitable option for storing bulky items like sweaters or linens because it enables you to hang an item from one end easily and then access it easily from the other end. It also means that you only need to remove one hanger rather than pulling out a handful of them to reach an item on another side.

Types of Sawtooth Hangers

You can buy sawtooth hangers in different sizes and materials. The standard variety comes in a metal casing with a plastic handle, while the heavyweight types come with a steel shaft and an aluminum handle. 

Whether you prefer the standard or heavyweight variety, find the best size for your closet. You can also get sawtooth hangers with clips that allow you to use them on railings and shelves. 

If you’re using Sawtooth Hangers for hanging items on shelves, choose a hanger with a clip with spring-loaded action so as not to damage the frame.

In case, If you have delicate fabrics such as silk or lace, then it’s advisable to get a hanger that has a soft handle cover that protects these fabrics from getting snagged by teeth when you take the hanger off of the rod. 

If you are looking for more creative ways to store your clothes, there are other hangers like garment holders and clothing racks. These organizers are great for clothing storage in tight spaces but must be hung from wall hooks or bars because they do not attach directly to the rod.

How to attach a sawtooth hanger?

To attach a sawtooth hanger, start by placing it in the rod. The end of the hanger that has fewer teeth should be on top. 

There are two ways of hanging clothing with a sawtooth hanger; you can either put one arm through the loop or pull both arms through, depending on how wide you want to turn the garment. 

Another way of using this type of hanger is to fold it in half at the midpoint and then place your garment at the point where they intersect. This will give you two sides which can each hold a single garment. This method is best if you only have one item to store in your closet.

Advantages of Using Sawtooth Hangers

One of the advantages of using these hangers is that they are less expensive than traditional bar hangers. 

Another perk is that you have more flexibility with where you can hang your clothes. Sawtooth hangers are less likely to damage delicate fabrics like silk or velvet. This makes them better for garments like wedding dresses, formal gowns, and suits. They’re also a good option if you want to store delicate items in your place. 

Sawtooth hangers are ideal for storing bulky items because they can safely hold them without damaging them. Additionally, this type of hanger allows you to access an item from both ends so that it doesn’t get tangled up with other items stored nearby.

Disadvantages of Using Sawtooth Hangers

The only downside to sawtooth hangers is that they are more expensive than traditional bar hangers – so if you’re on a budget, go with the latter. Sawtooth hangers can also be hard for people who have mobility issues. If you need help getting your items out of the hangar, then it may be better to stick with traditional hangers. 

Finally, sawtooth hangers can get bent and twisted easily, so if you want to preserve them, store them in their original packaging with a plastic protective sheet.


Sawtooth hangers are the newest way to protect your furniture and other items in your home. They are more secure than other hangers, and they are easier to use as well. 

If you’re looking for a way to protect your furniture easily, sawtooth hangers are a great choice. They provide security and stability for your items and can save you the time and money you would have spent otherwise. Sawtooth hangers are a great way to keep your home safe and secure.

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