How To Get The Most Out Of Your Toilet In The Utility Room

by Jennifer Sergent
Toilet In The Utility Room

Having a laundry or utility room with a toilet is convenient and can save you time. However, these spaces also have their downsides. For example, most houses don’t come with enough storage to easily keep all of your toilet paper, soap, and other cleaning supplies. 

In addition, many toilet in utility room  are not of the highest quality. A poorly built or located toilet can cause problems like flooding or sewer backups if it becomes clogged.

Read on to learn some useful tips to make the most of your utility room toilet and eliminate these problems.

Great Invention:

The utility room toilet is a great invention. It can save time as it only requires a quick trip to your house and has storage space that most traditional bathrooms lack. 

However, this convenience comes with its own set of problems. For example, many toilets in these rooms aren’t the highest quality, and they can cause problems like flooding or sewer backups if they become clogged. 

Read on to learn useful tips to make the most out of your utility room toilet and avoid these problems!

Maximize space:

Utility rooms are often small spaces, so using the area is important. Maximizing available space can help you get your laundry done faster and clean up at the end of the day. 

If you want to maximize storage, keep items that can be stored vertically, like rolls of toilet paper, on top of the dryer or clothes-drying rack. If you want to save time, put all your cleaning supplies in an easily accessible spot. For example, place them near the sink or towel rack. 

If your house doesn’t have enough storage for these supplies, consider purchasing a hanging organizer for your utility room. It will be a convenient storage solution and allow you to better use what you have on hand.

Shelving and storage

The first step to making the most of your utility room toilet is having a good amount of storage. 

You can store your toilet paper, soap, and other cleaning supplies in many different ways. For example, you could make a shelf at the bottom of the toilet tank, purchase a soap dispenser with built-in storage, or use baskets for little “pockets” of storage. 

There are also many ways you can organize your towels and linens. For example, you could make a shelf in the corner near the shower head, invest in a towel rack that can hold multiple towels, or use hooks on two walls so that everything is easily accessible. 

And don’t forget about cleaning products! Rather than leaving your cleaning supplies scattered across the floor or countertop, put them in bins where they’re easy to access.

utility room with toilet ideas

Hooks and baskets

Investing in hooks and baskets is the best way to make the most out of your utility room toilet. These items will help with storage, keep everything neat, and provide a more pleasant environment. 

You can purchase hooks at any hardware store or build them yourself using an old coat hanger. If you don’t have a lot of space, consider hanging your towels on the walls instead of using a towel bar mounted on the back of the door. 

Baskets are useful for storing other items like extra toilet paper and bath towels. If you don’t want to invest in baskets but still want some organization, try stacking boxes or crates on top of each other instead of placing them side by side.

Add a hamper to your utility room.

Toilets often sit on the floor, which can cause them to flood. To prevent this, you can add a hamper to your utility room.

The hamper will catch any water that pours out of the toilet and will also act as a barrier that prevents sewer backups from occurring. You could also use a vacuum cleaner to clean up any messes in your toilet area. 

A vacuum cleaner with a long hose works well because it will allow you to reach all areas of the bathroom easily and quickly.

Use the space under the sink:

Many homes don’t have enough storage space for the toiletries you’ll need to keep in your utility room. To make it easier, look for a place that has a water line and install hooks underneath. 

Another option is to build cabinets onto the wall near the toilet where you can store your supplies. If that’s not available, try stacking boxes or buckets on top of each other and then placing them on shelves. 

You can also use two-drawer cabinets or under-sink cabinets with built-in storage areas for your toiletry items. To make these spaces more accessible, think about installing pullouts in the cabinet doors so you can reach everything easily when needed.

Install a shelf or cabinet

A well-placed shelf or cabinet can help you keep all of your toilet paper, soap, and other cleaning supplies in one place. Toilet paper and soap will often get lost in the sink or floor if they’re not conveniently stored in a cabinet. A shelf or cabinet would ensure these items are always visible and within reach when needed.

In addition, the installation of a shelf or cabinet prevents flooding and sewer backups. For example, the water will pool on the floor if your toilet becomes clogged. Installing a shelf or cabinet prevents this issue since it holds the water in until you notice it. 

Finally, removing clutter can make your utility room more organized and sanitary. Installing a shelf or cabinet also helps eliminate clutter by making it easier to find supplies instead of letting them pile up around the toilet.

utility room with toilet ideas

Add a storage bin or caddy.

Utility room toilets are usually small, so they don’t have a lot of storage space. Adding a caddy or bin is a quick and easy way to add more overhead storage in your utility room toilet. 

A hanging toilet caddy will also keep your bathroom organized and make it easier to find what you need when you need it. You can find a caddy at the home-decor store or Amazon for less than $30; there are also cheaper options if you switch to plastic bins.

Make use of the door:

Utility rooms and bathrooms are often not well-lit, so it’s easy to forget about the door. This is especially true when there is no room for a dedicated cabinet or shelf – or when you’re in a hurry. 

However, this is an opportunity to make space for things you need regularly. For example, if toilet paper is stored inside the toilet bowl and the door doesn’t close properly, you can keep it there by placing a piece of cardboard over the door as a temporary solution. Many people also use this trick to store their hand soap or other liquids that could leak into the floor if stored in cabinets above the toilet.

Add a coat rack or pegboard.

There’s no need to put your toilet paper in a shower caddy when you can use a coat rack or pegboard. These items allow you to organize your toiletries, clothes, and towels, which are always easily accessible. 

In addition, these storage solutions save space in the room and help keep it clean.

Finally, a coat rack or pegboard is simple enough for anyone to install themselves and inexpensive compared to other options. 

If you have a laundry or utility room with a toilet, consider adding one of these items to create more convenience.

utility room with toilet ideas

Install a small shelf

A small shelf on the wall of your utility room toilet can be a great way to store toilet paper, soap, and other supplies. 

Toilet paper will stay in the dryer and last longer if stored on a shelf like this instead of directly on the floor. This works especially well with soft-sided containers. However, if you use hard plastic bags, they can puncture when they are repeatedly dropped from above. 

Another option is to install shelves extending from the wall to hold items. These shelves will keep things out of sight but still accessible, which can help prevent sewer backups caused by toilet clogs.

Toilet in utility room ideas

A utility room with a toilet is often overlooked when designing a home. However, this multifunctional room can be vital to your household organization and efficiency. From laundry tasks to bathroom needs, having a well-designed utility room with a toilet can make all the difference in your daily routines. 

Small combined toilet and utility room

  • Mount things on the walls: Put the toilet and sink on the wall for more floor space.
  • Choose small appliances: Use stacked washers and dryers and slim cabinets.
  • Use furniture that does more than one thing, such as a folding ironing board or a hamper built into the furniture.
  • Use light colors and shiny surfaces: This makes the room look bigger than it is.
  • Keep it simple and tidy: Put only a little stuff in the room to stay useful for bathroom and utility needs.
  • Use wall space: Put up shelves or racks to store things vertically.
  • Ensure it’s not too damp: Use good fans or vents to stop mold growing.
  • Have enough light: Make sure there’s good light for laundry or using the toilet.

Storage ideas for small utility rooms Appliances Vertical storage solutions

Make the most of your small utility room by using clever storage ideas:

  • Vertical storage: Put up shelves or cabinets above your appliances. This way, you can use the space above them and clear your floor. You can also hang hooks on the walls for things you use often.
  • Stack your appliances: If you have a washer and dryer, stack them on top of each other. This gives you extra room underneath or beside them. Look for small, stackable models to save even more space.
  • Multipurpose furniture: Get furniture that does more than one job. For example, get an ottoman that opens up for storage inside or a bench with a seat that lifts. You can hide your cleaning stuff or tools in these pieces, keeping them neat and out of sight.

utility room with toilet ideas

Small utility room design Colour scheme Layout Durability Ventilation

Colour scheme

  • Choose light, neutral colors such as white or pale grey to create a clean and spacious feel in your small utility room.
  • Consider adding pops of color with accessories like baskets or wall art for visual interest without overwhelming the space.


  • Opt for a compact layout that maximizes storage and workspace efficiency.
  • Maximize your space by employing vertical storage solutions like shelves or cabinets to declutter your floor and optimize the limited square footage available.


  • Select durable materials like waterproof flooring and stain-resistant countertops to ensure longevity in a high-use area.
  • Invest in quality appliances built to withstand frequent use without compromising performance.


  • Install a proper ventilation system, such as an exhaust fan or window, to prevent moisture buildup and odors.
  • Ensure adequate airflow by keeping vents unobstructed and regularly cleaning filters.

Laundry Units For Bathroom Utility Rooms

Save space: Try putting a small laundry machine in your bathroom if it’s also used for other things. These machines are made to fit into tight spaces, like bathrooms.

All-in-one: Get a laundry machine that can both wash and dry clothes. It’s like having two machines in one, and it saves room.

Works well: New laundry machines have cool features, like using less energy and washing clothes quickly. Pick one that does what you need and uses space wisely in your bathroom.

Tips for Designing a Bathroom Laundry Room 

Clever Storage Solutions

Use clever storage ideas to make your bathroom laundry room work smarter. You can put up shelves above your toilet or washer and dryer to store towels, soap, and cleaning supplies. Use baskets or boxes to keep small things neat and hidden away. You might also want to hang a cabinet on the wall for extra storage.

Selecting Colors and Finishes

When planning your bathroom laundry room, choose colors and materials that complement each other. Light colors like white or soft pastels can make the room seem bigger and brighter. Choose materials that are easy to clean, like tile or special waterproof paint, to withstand the moisture. Adding splashes of color with rugs or pictures can give the room some personality.

Choosing Appliances and Fixtures

Get appliances for your bathroom and laundry room that use less energy to save money on bills. Look for washing machines and dryers that fit nicely into small spaces but still work well. When choosing things like taps and lights, go for sleek designs that complement the room’s style while being useful.

Other Ideas for Your Laundry Room Combo 

Here are some simple ideas to make your laundry area better:

Backsplash: Put a special wall covering behind your laundry sink. This stops water and soap from messing up the walls. It also makes the place look nice.

Retractable Clothesline: Hang a rope that you can pull out when you need to dry delicate clothes or towels. This helps to save electricity by using the dryer less. It also helps to keep your laundry area neat and organized.

Folding Table: Have a table that you can fold up when you don’t need it. This makes it easier to sort and fold clothes. Look for one that’s small but strong, so it fits well and gives you a good spot to do your laundry.

How to Organize a Bathroom Laundry Room Combo

  • Have a place for everything: Ensure every item in your bathroom laundry room combo has a designated spot to avoid clutter and disorganization. This will make it easier to find things when you need them.
  • Use labels: Labels are essential for keeping track of where items belong, especially in smaller spaces like a combined bathroom and laundry room. Invest in some label makers or printable labels to mark the contents of each bin or basket.
  • Invest in some baskets: Baskets are great for storing small items like cleaning supplies, toiletries, or laundry detergent. Choose baskets that fit your space and style, and use them as both storage solutions and decorative accents in your utility room with a toilet setup.

The Benefit of a Bathroom Laundry Room Combo 

  • Saves space: Combining a bathroom and laundry room into one space can save valuable square footage in your home. By eliminating the need for two separate rooms, you create more usable space for other purposes.
  • More storage: A bathroom laundry room combo offers additional storage options. You can use cabinets above the washer and dryer for towels and linens or install shelving units for cleaning supplies and toiletries.
  • Flexibility: A combined bathroom and laundry room offer flexibility in your use of the space. You can easily multitask by doing laundry while getting ready in the morning or quickly freshen up while waiting for a load to finish.


If you have a small utility room toilet and want to maximize its space, here are some ideas to help you. By following the ideas mentioned in this article, you can make the most out of your utility room toilet and make it more functional. You can create a comfortable, practical space that meets all your needs with a little effort.

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