Using Pergo Vienna Oak: A Guide to Your New Kitchen Flooring

by Jennifer Sergent
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A kitchen is the heart of any home. The kitchen is where you spend most of your time and prepare food for your friends and family. The look and feel of your kitchen may have an effect on how much you enjoy being there. So it’s well worth the investment to buy new flooring based on its appearance.

The right flooring can help create the ambiance you want while also helping your kitchen function better. There are many different flooring types available, each with advantages and disadvantages. Luckily, Pergo Vienna Oak is one of the most popular options for a new kitchen floor.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Pergo Vienna Oak special. As well as some pros and cons that you should consider before making a final decision.

What is Pergo Vienna Oak?

Pergo is a company that makes high-quality flooring products for kitchens. Pergo Vienna Oak is one of the company’s most popular types of flooring. It’s a wood-look tile made from solid hardwood and engineered to look like real wood.

Pergo offers several different styles and colors, so your kitchen will have an attractive, unique look that’s perfect for you. You can also opt for materials such as quartz, granite, or marble. This will add a touch of luxury or classic style to your new flooring.

The one downside to this type of flooring is that it’s not very easy to clean. This makes it difficult to keep up with in some kitchens.

Benefits of Pergo Vienna Oak

Pergo Vienna Oak is one of the most popular options for a new kitchen floor because it offers many benefits.

First, it’s an incredibly strong and durable product, so you won’t have to worry about splinters or damage during installation. This makes it especially useful for busy families that don’t have a lot of time to spare.

Vienna Oak also looks great in any home since it has many colors. Furthermore, the look and feel are natural, so it will be easy to create an ideal ambiance.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, Pergo Amsterdam Oak is also very affordable when compared to other options.

What can make Pergo Vienna Oak bad?

Some people dislike Pergo because it can be difficult to keep clean. This can be a problem if you have pets or children constantly tracking in dirt and grime.

Another key disadvantage is that the cost for this type of flooring can be expensive. This makes it an option for those with substantial budgets.

Finally, this type of flooring isn’t great regarding resale value.

Installation of Pergo Vienna Oak

Pergo Vienna Oak is one of the easiest types of flooring to put in. It’s also a good choice for those in a hurry to get flooring. It only takes an hour for a professional to install it.

In addition, it’s easy to install. You don’t have to worry about scheduling an installation and hiring someone else to do it. You can focus on other things while your floors are being installed.

Vienna Oak comes in two different styles. There’s no need to worry about picking the wrong style or color. The two types available are classic and contemporary. Gives plenty of room for you to choose what suits your kitchen best.

How much does a Pergo floor cost?

Pergo has a wide range of available options, with the most affordable product being the Vienna Oak. This option ranges in price for different sizes and can be installed within three days. However, if you are looking for a more luxurious-looking floor, you might want to consider the Pergo Walnut option.

This option is available in large and small sizes and comes with an installation time of three days. Other options are available, such as Riva, which comes with tile-like finishes and can be installed in two days.

There are many benefits to choosing Pergo Oak as your new kitchen flooring, but there are some cons too.

One drawback of this product is that it can only be installed on top of concrete or solid wood floors. This product also does not come with any warranties or guarantees.

Additionally, installing the Pergo floor can take up to five days. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, this could be difficult to accommodate.

Where to buy Pergo Vienna Oak?

You can find Pergo Vienna Oak in stores and online. If you want to buy from a store, check to ensure that the store carries Pergo Oak so that you are guaranteed your purchase will come from a reputable business. If you want to buy online, search for reputable retailers. This is important because you might not respect some websites offering cheaper products.

Vienna Oak is sold in both natural and engineered wood variations. It’s important to know the difference between these two types of wood before deciding what type of wood is best for you and your kitchen flooring needs. The engineered wood comes with strong protection against moisture, stains, scratches, and more while still providing the look of natural wood. It would be best to consider things like durability versus cost when deciding between these choices, as they can make a big difference in the long run.

Final Words

Pergo Vienna Oak is a beautiful, high-quality flooring option that will give your kitchen a luxurious look. It’s durable and makes clean-up easy, and it’s also easy to install. So if you want a stylish and durable flooring option that is easy to clean, Vienna Oak might be the perfect choice for you!

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