Choosing The Right Blinds For Your Home – Venetian Blinds Or Sunscreen Blinds

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Blinds for your home

Not all blinds are created equal. 

Different types of blinds have different functions, looks, and uses. 

Today we will talk about the benefits of two types of blinds — Venetian and sunscreen blinds.

Both are equally useful and great to add to your home, but each has its uses and benefits. 

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are typically made of aluminium. 

They are well-known for their durability and are surprisingly strong, even though they are lightweight. 

One of the most mentioned reasons to get Venetian blinds is the fact that they aren’t affected by the humidity. 

Since they are resistant to humidity, they are also corrosion-resistant. 

This makes them perfect for any New Zealand home and room with high moisture levels.

They require very little maintenance — mostly just the occasional cleaning.

Venetian blinds give you a wide range of light control options and come in many different colours to suit your style.

With Venetian blinds you can block out up to 95% of light, depending on how you have your blinds set.

They are easy to install.

Sunscreen Blinds

Sunscreen blinds are a newer type of blinds, typically designed as roller blinds. 

They are made of special fabrics to give better control over light, glare, and heat from the sun. 

These blinds allow you to block out the light without blocking your view of the outside world — making it perfect for windows with glorious views of the ocean or other landscape.

You can choose between manually operated roller sunscreen blinds or motorised control — giving you the control via remote operation.

They are perfect for any room or home due to the many colours and aesthetically pleasing design. 

Finding The Right Blinds For Your Home

When searching for new blinds, always measure the window you plan to put them in. 

Determine what features and functions are important to you and your needs.

Remember whether you will hang them inside the window sill or outside, and measure accordingly. 

Shop around to find the best style, colour, and price. 

Ask family, friends, and neighbours where they get their blinds. 

Look at online reviews to determine quality. 

Please take a picture of the room they will be installed in or a colour swatch of the colour you want to match them to. 

No two types of blinds are equal, except that they make your home more comfortable, efficient, and stylish. 

Venetian blinds are the most popular choice of window covering to provide shade and style. 

They are typically made of aluminium, meaning they are lightweight and do not need much maintenance. 

Sunscreen blinds are a newer technological advancement.

Made of fabrics that give you better control of light without sacrificing your view of the outside. 

Simply put, if you are after style and shading, your best bet is Venetian blinds.

For those who need more control, have sunscreen blinds installed in your home today. 


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